Pescepazzo was born in September 2018 from the creative idea of Laura Mendolia, a young Taorminese woman who has always been in love with fashion and beauty in general. Collections from Pescepazzo are inspired by the concept of the “Sicilian coffa”, the classic straw bag hand-woven from leaves of the island’s native dwarf palm, reinterpreting it in a modern and glamorous way. The Pescepazzo coffa is in fact dressed in precious fabrics such as silk shantung, moiré, velvet; cheerful and fluttering materials such as marabou feathers or precious such as coral branches, becoming an original, colorful and versatile accessory. Thanks to these features, our bags are suitable for any occasion, perfect for the sea or the city. Pescepazzo is therefore aimed at elegant and self-ironic women, women of all ages who love quality items and “made in Italy”.